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Successful Sales
Sales, or the skill of sales, has to be one of the most valuable abilities a person can have in terms of becoming financially successful and independent. A good sales person never sells anyone anything they don’t want. Success is short lived that way.

A true sales artist is someone who educates. Buyers want to be educated, they want to understand, they want to be able to explain to people why they chose to do business with you, and they want to brag about it. From that understanding grows referrals and future business – it’s called security. If you do it right, you will never go hungry, and your working career will not feel like work. Sales is a skill you can develop, and this blog is designed to help you find your natural ability.

Sales and Social Media
Social Media is now a key part of sales. Social Media did not exist the way it does now when I started in sales, but it did exist. It was different; it was face to face, it was on the phone, fax or paper, and it was personal.

Today, Social Media is still personal; that is if you want to succeed at it. The internet has, in many ways, taken the place of face to face meetings. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and the like are the new phone, fax and paper, and it can still be personal. It is all about connecting.

On WinningAgent.com, we write about these things – How to be successful at sales, staying current with new sales techniques, using Social Media, and more. I cover the basics and go deep for those that want it all.

Sales and a Productive Website
Productive being the keyword. If your website is not bringing you qualified leads that turn into closings, then you need a new website. Good websites, produce leads that close; and here at Winning Agent, we will make sure to give you all the tools and resources you need to have a highly productive website that more than pays for itself.

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