Reverse Mentoring: A New Look at an Old Concept

Did you know that January was National Mentoring Month? Missed it? Well it’s a little bit late to celebrate, but if you feel bad about missing this important event, there is something you can do to make up for it. Try reverse mentoring. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s an example. When your four-year-old […]

Seven Ways to Improve Your Productivity —and Your Bottom Line

I just planted a garden. And don’t worry—I’m not going to provide you with tips for growing award-winning tomatoes or keeping the deer from munching your salad greens. But as I was shoveling away, I could see an interesting parallel between the garden I put in each spring and the work that most of us […]

My Next Step With Winning Agent

Over the last couple of months I’ve added a few services from some great people to the Winning Agent line up.  In case anyone is wondering, everything is happening naturally and without rush.  It’s been fun to see what suggestions people have had about what should and should not be part of my little blog […]

Three Little Words – Learn to Say and Use Them

No, it’s probably not the three you’re thinking of. Of course “I love you” is a very important phrase to remember, especially on Valentine’s Day. But in everyday business transactions the three most important little words you can say might be “I don’t know.” Yet most people are afraid to say them. Why? For starters, […]