Trust Me! Building Or Losing Trust In Client Relationships

Trust me how to build or lose trust with your clients

Trust Me! Two Words That Cut Both Ways in Client Relationships We actually know Realtors who have this two-word motto printed on their business cards or displayed on a plaque in their office. But do they live it? How do these two little words impact their relationships with clients and colleagues? It’s a double-edged sword: […]

Finish Strong: How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

How to finish 2014 strong

OK, so the stock market is jumping around like a flea on a hot griddle. And depending on where you are, the real estate market is either up, down, or flat. But the circumstances don’t need to dictate your outcome. If you finish 2014 strong, you’ll set the stage for even greater success in 2015. […]

Let’s Get Personal: Know What Your Clients Really Want From You

Let’s Get Personal: Knowing What Clients Really Want From You

In this environment where Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media seem to have taken center stage, it’s too easy to forget the personal touch. Clients aren’t going to ask for it, and you’ve probably been too busy to focus on it. So perhaps now is the time. Let’s consider six of the key touch […]

Leadership Essentials: How and When to Be A Good Follower

Leadership Essentials: How and When to Be A Good Follower

More than a few thousand books have been written on leadership—how to be a better leader, how to become a leader if you’re not, what qualities constitute a good leader. Leadership seems at times to be the holy grail for which all business people should be striving. But what if there is another side to […]