Introducing Custom Blog Post Services From Winning Agent

It’s a tough choice. You need an Internet presence so your prospective clients will know you’re a savvy marketer. This means you need a blog. And you need to post regularly, with sparkling, informative, well-written copy.

But you also need to sell homes, and sometimes the two seem to be in direct conflict. Winning Agent has a simple solution to your dilemma: customized professionally written content for your real estate web site.


Testimonial #1The folks at Winning Agent clearly undertand what the modern-day realtor needs to be successful. With their focus on social media and technology, the blog content they produce will help you capture and convert leads.
– Brian Gardner, Founder, StudioPress

When you subscribe to our service, you’ll get professionally written copy, on any schedule you choose. You can choose content from our library, or content that is customized specifically for you. Or a combination of the two. Below are brief descriptions of blog content in four different categories:

  • Basic content
  • General real estate topics
  • Hyperlocal content
  • Property-specific content

Basic content is a low cost option ($35 per post) and has no restrictions in terms of where or how many times you use it. We have a library of topics to choose from, and content includes articles that will appeal to buyers and to sellers. Delivery is fast too—usually within a few hours if you place your order during regular business hours.  Select this option.

General real estate topics option, our most popular, allows you to select your own topics. We’ll create the blog post, usually between 500 and 800 words long. We do the research, based on information you provide. We used the latest in search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to your site. These posts are ideal for showcasing your unique expertise or area of specialty. Select this option.

Hyperlocal blogs are designed to highlight what’s special about your community. The content is especially appealing to people from outside the area who are planning to relocate. You can showcase local restaurants, special events and festivals your town is known for, your school system, medical facilities, or business activities. You provide the topics, we do the research and writing. And here again, we use keywords for search engine optimization to bring more traffic to your site. Select this option.

Property-specific posts are perfect for high value properties. You can use these posts to showcase new listings as well as highlighting your area of expertise, such as resort properties or short sales. All we need from you are photographs and basic information. We’ll do the rest. These posts are great additions to your portfolio, which you can show off at listing presentations too. Select this option.


Testimonial #2I highly recommend Winning Agent’s blog services as a relevant and practical information source for any Realtor that demands results. The content is highly relevant and allows agents to put into action immediately.
– Janet Pistone, Manager, Jack Conway & Co.

Your clients and potential clients are looking for a Realtor who has exceptional knowledge and broad experience; one who is reliable, offers excellent service, knows the market and cares about them. A great blog will let your audience recognize that you are the essence of everything they are looking for in a Realtor, someone who will be there to guide them as they are making the most important financial decision of their lives.

Our blog posting service creates that picture for you at a reasonable cost, and with a minimal investment of your time. Check out our FAQs for more information or contact us today.

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