Ditch the Rut! Four Ways to Have More Fun on the Job

Today I am introducing a new category for Winning Agent – Personal Development. I’ve spent the majority of my life reading, researching and living the need to develop personally to make up for a “less than ideal” introductory period to life. I’ve written for other sites on this topic, and I now see it as relevant for Winning Agent. I hope you find it valuable.

Four Ways to Have More Fun on the Job
Do you sometimes feel stale, bored, unmotivated? Sure, you’re busy. But, as the old song says, “The Thrill is Gone.”

Face it—you’re in a rut. There’s only one problem with that. A rut can get comfortable. And the deeper it gets, the harder it is to climb out of it. Soon your creativity begins to suffer. And so do your sales. So what do you say we find a way out? Here are four steps you can take right now.

  • Paint a picture
  • Change one thing
  • Stop multi-tasking
  • Make a new commitment

Paint a picture. Before you can make a change, you need to see where you are. Step outside your current situation and look at it from a new perspective. If a client walks into your office, what does he see? If you meet a client at her property or place of business, how does she see you? When you walk into the office in the morning, how do you interact with your fellow Realtors and other co-workers?

Then spend a few minutes writing a description of your ideal work situation. What does the day look like? Would you start your morning quietly or jump in with both feet?  Perhaps you’d like to come in every morning to a clean desk and a fresh cup of gourmet coffee and spend the first half hour making lists and organizing your day. Maybe returning phone calls and emails first thing would make the whole day different. Just write down whatever comes into your mind and reserve judgment on your ideas until later.

Change one thing. It doesn’t take much to shift your perspective. Many diet gurus recommend changing one small thing every day about the way you eat, or what you eat. It’s the baby step method of weight loss. So if your attitude needs to go on a diet, change one small thing every day. If you always stop at Joe’s Java for coffee on your way to work, go to Barbie’s Beans instead. Most coffee-holics are regulars at their favorite coffee bars, creatures of habit. If you change locations once in a while, you might meet a whole new set of friends and potential business contacts.

If your office is in need of a face lift, don’t get overwhelmed at the prospect of a major renovation. Buy a bunch of fresh flowers, a signed photo of your favorite sports hero, or a potted orchid for your desk. While you’re at it, buy another one to share with your office mate or receptionist. It will make their day.

Stop multitasking. Face it—real estate is a high pressure business. You’ve got showings, closings, clients and potential clients coming at you from every direction. How many times have you driven to a showing while returning phone calls (on your hands-free phone, of course), eating a sandwich and trying to memorize your grocery list? Multitasking is highly overrated and one of the great stressors of modern life. It causes you to be less efficient with every task. It leads to poor judgment, a short attention span, forgetfulness—even anxiety and depression.  Do you hear that? multitasking leads to anxiety and depression.

Instead of going off in all directions at once, try focusing on one thing at a time. Drive to that showing in absolute silence and enjoy the scenery or listen to some relaxing music. Take your sandwich to the park and really taste it. When you’re on the phone with a client, put your total attention on what he’s saying. Taking notes will help you focus. There’s a lot of satisfaction in doing one thing well rather than half a dozen things badly.

Make a new commitment. Recommit to your job and your clients every day. If you find you’re sometimes lacking motivation, if you wake up dreading the day, change your self-talk. If you are in the habit of saying, “I’ve got to go to work,” change that to “I get to go to work.”

Remember why you got into the real estate profession in the first place. You knew you were good at it. You loved making the deals, making things work for your clients. That feeling is still there somewhere, and you can get it back. A job is a lot like a marriage—it’s not champagne and roses every day. And sometimes it takes a bit of effort to keep the romance alive. But if you follow these four simple steps, you’ll ditch the rut and get your groove back. Your clients will love you for it and your sales will show it.

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