The Winning Agent Pro Real Estate WordPress Theme for Genesis

Yeah, yahoo, yippee, and I might as well throw in yeehaw, too!  I’m so glad to finally announce the new real estate WordPress theme called Winning Agent Pro Theme and it’s built for Genesis!

This little baby has taken months, and I think I may have had a touch of morning sickness at times. That said, seeing the finished product and seeing it on the StudioPress website rocks.

Real Estate WordPress Theme for Genesis is responsive

When we started out on this project, we wanted to make sure that it not only looked good, but performed well too.  That is why we reached out to the incredibly talented Carrie Dils. Not only did she accept the project, but she is the full-fledged brains behind the theme.

We invite you to take a look at the full theme demo and let us know what you think!

View Theme Demo

 Want to know a little bit more?

  • It’s Responsive – This theme will have you looking good on a massive big screen monitor all the way down to a smart phone.
  • HTML5 – Besides being the future of all websites, it’s cleaner and faster.
  • Works with any WordPress IDX Provider like IDX Broker and plugins like AgentPress Listings (note that IDX services are provided by a third-party and subscription and integration costs are not included with the theme).
  • Comes with Multiple Color options and the ability to change (with a little CSS) to any color scheme to express your personality.
  • Showcase not only Featured Properties but Communities so your clients can connect with your market.
  • Multiple options with Custom Header and Footer Widgets.
  • Three Layout Options that open your site to many design possibilities.
  • Built as a Real Estate WordPress Theme from the ground up.
  • Easy to use Content Boxes in a variety of colors and the ability to add Buttons anywhere needed.  That’s style!

Before release, the Winning Agent Pro theme was tested on Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Explorer to make sure it ran smoothly on any browser.  It was also tested on smartphones and tablets to make sure the look was consistent; so your personal brand can shine on any device your clients are using.  Now, that will keep you ahead of your competition!

While you’re checking out the Demo, make sure to notice the subtle design features that were built into each page of the Winning Agent Pro theme. They are there to make you look good!

Ready to get your copy at a really good price?  Buy the Winning Agent Pro Theme now!


  1. Ginger Coolidge says

    Nicely done! I am a real estate broker in Fort Worth, Texas with a background in development, support and all things techy. I bought the theme after the announcement from Carrie Dils stream but I didn’t realize that was a real web site! Thanks for your efforts. You web site is nicely done as well, clean and clear :-)

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