Let’s Get Personal: Know What Your Clients Really Want From You

Let’s Get Personal: Knowing What Clients Really Want From You

In this environment where Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media seem to have taken center stage, it’s too easy to forget the personal touch. Clients aren’t going to ask for it, and you’ve probably been too busy to focus on it. So perhaps now is the time. Let’s consider six of the key touch […]

Building Your Support System: How to Use Advocates and Brain Trusts

How to Use Advocates and Brain Trusts - Building Your Support System

“No man is an island,” or so says a famous quote. Translating that into today’s business environment, we would conclude that we don’t build a successful business alone. In a previous article, we discussed mentors as part of a good support system. Now let’s take a look at two other important components: Advocates Brain trusts […]