Winning the Search Results Battle

Hand Drawing Content Flow Chart

With and merging, and being acquired by News Corp, you might be thinking… how will anyone find me in this gigantic sea of web search results? Well one way is to pay for ad space on those portals. You may also be sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. That’s […]

How to Write Smashingly Successful Copy Every Single Time!

How to Write Smashingly Successful Copy Every Single Time

Make Your Blog Posts Sizzle “Oh sure,” you’re saying to yourself. “I’ll never be a writer. I nearly flunked sophomore English. Are you kidding me?” Not so fast. You too can write. Maybe not Shakespearean sonnets. Maybe not the Great American Novel. But you can, if you follow our success tips, write well and do […]

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for Better Blog Copy

here are ten simple rules for attracting an audience and getting them to come back for more

In real estate, it may be “location, location, location” but in the blogosphere it’s “content, content, content.” You’re not writing just to hear yourself think or see words on the screen. You want audience. You want followers. You want people who have you on their Favorites list and click on your link every morning to […]