How To Be A Better Blogger – Now!

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It’s no secret that blogging is a terrific way to build your clientele and your relationships. But a majority of Realtors out there are either not blogging at all or not blogging effectively. Here’s why, and what you can do to be a better blogger.

The main reason you’re not blogging well is probably because your third grade teacher (or some other scary authority figure) told you that you’d never be a writer. No, you probably won’t be this century’s Shakespeare. Few of us will. But you can certainly write well enough to be read by other perceptive adults, many of whom are—or will become—your clients. So if you lack confidence for whatever reason, the solution is simple: just start writing.

Artist and artistic coach Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, advises all her followers to write what she calls “morning pages” every day. Just pick up a simple, lined notebook and write two or three pages of whatever happens to come into your head. Do this as early as possible in the day, preferably first thing in the morning. Here’s the secret: what you write in these pages doesn’t matter at all. Matter of fact, it’s not even writing in the professional sense and we’d recommend that you don’t re-read what you’ve written. This kind of free writing does one simple thing for you: it clears your mind. It gets out all the junk (forgot to pick up the laundry; that client is ignoring my calls; Sammy is flunking algebra—again) and leaves your brain free to get organized and get creative.

Now you are ready for real writing. Here are four simple steps to creating a well-read blog: [Read more...]

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for Better Blog Copy

here are ten simple rules for attracting an audience and getting them to come back for more

In real estate, it may be “location, location, location” but in the blogosphere it’s “content, content, content.” You’re not writing just to hear yourself think or see words on the screen. You want audience. You want followers. You want people who have you on their Favorites list and click on your link every morning to see if you’ve posted anything new. So here are ten simple rules for attracting an audience and getting them to come back for more. First, the dos:

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Does Social Media Sell Homes?

Does Social Media Sell Homes

In a Word—Yes! Used effectively, social media can attract and motivate both buyers and sellers. In an intangible way, the savvy use of social media lets your potential clients know that you’re at the top of your game. You’re using all the tools available to you. You’re making it easy for people to communicate with you. In a more tangible way, using social media allows you to market your listings in a highly visible format through multiple communication channels.

So let’s get specific. What are the major advantages of social media marketing and how do you choose the tools that will be most effective in your particular sales environment?

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Should I Have a Blog? Blogging for Fun and Profit

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Yes, you should have a blog in order to maximize the impact of your social media marketing strategy. But only if you are willing to keep it up, unlike a local pastor of our acquaintance who started a blog on his church’s web site two years ago, blogged three times, and hasn’t been heard from since. Not exactly a model of consistency. And consistency is essential to successful use of social media. So how do you become a blogger extraordinaire?

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