Preparing for the Rebound: 10 Ways to Earn Your Clients’ Trust

Housing market improving 10 Ways to Earn Your Clients Trust

The market is creeping up. At a glacial pace perhaps, but creeping nonetheless. So a new market needs a new attitude. It gives you a clean slate, a great opportunity to move your business to another level.

The best way to make this happen is to embark on a well-thought-out program of reputation management. You do this by building trust and by managing how clients and colleagues perceive you. There’s an old saying, “Perception is reality.” If people perceive you as being reliable and trustworthy, then that’s your reputation. You become the go-to person, the one people count on to get the job done. Here are ten important behaviors that will greatly enhance your personal trust factor. [Read more...]

Negotiation: The Fine Art of Making the Deal

Negotiation: The Fine Art of Making the Deal Selling Real Estate Always involves negotiation.

Nothing happens in real estate without negotiation. So as a Realtor, you need to hone the fine art of negotiation on a daily basis. Negotiation doesn’t just happen after the offer is made. It’s happening all the time—starting with the first phone call from a buyer or seller.

Negotiating effectively has two critical components: establishing trust, and understanding what the other person wants. You need to establish trust between yourself and the client, as well as building trust between the buyer and the seller. You need to determine when the other party can compromise and when they can’t. Learn about points of agreement and build on those. Learn about points of disagreement and find ways to make people happy without making them give up what they want. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?

Here are three specific strategies for becoming a winning negotiator.

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