Embracing the No! (or How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Rejection)

how to stop worrying and start loving rejection

In a recent article we told you how to turn “No” into “Yes.” Now we’re going to tell you why you shouldn’t bother.

Face it—we all hate rejection on some level. Nobody likes to hear the “no.” And we’ve all been there. But when you’ve worked hard to land a new listing or had a sale fall through on the way to closing, it can bring back that feeling of failure times ten. Not every “no” can be turned into a “yes.” Here’s how to live and learn with the ones that can’t.

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How to Create Clients for Life

How to Create Clients for Life

Just for fun, take a quick run through your contact database. How many people there are repeat clients? How many buyers have you turned in to sellers and vice versa? How many clients have referred you to friends and family who became clients?

Having clients who return to you year after year is a huge bonus. Not only does it enhance your reputation in your profession, it saves you a ton of time because you’re not out beating the bushes (“farming” in Realtor-speak) and stressing out over where your next sale is coming from. But how do you reach this nirvana? Here are seven steps that will take you there. [Read more...]

What Your Web Site Says About You (And What You Can Do About It)

What Your Web Site Says About You
Think of it as curb appeal for your business. Your web site is the first thing that many prospective clients notice about you. If it’s amateurish, busy, crammed with small type and lousy pictures, clients will keep right on driving. Your web site is more important than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. So if you haven’t given it a good hard look lately (or if you don’t even have your own web site) it’s time for a little self-analysis.

Ask yourself these five critical questions. If you come up short in any area, take action. This is your road map to web site success. [Read more...]

Preparing for the Rebound: 10 Ways to Earn Your Clients’ Trust

Housing market improving 10 Ways to Earn Your Clients Trust

The market is creeping up. At a glacial pace perhaps, but creeping nonetheless. So a new market needs a new attitude. It gives you a clean slate, a great opportunity to move your business to another level.

The best way to make this happen is to embark on a well-thought-out program of reputation management. You do this by building trust and by managing how clients and colleagues perceive you. There’s an old saying, “Perception is reality.” If people perceive you as being reliable and trustworthy, then that’s your reputation. You become the go-to person, the one people count on to get the job done. Here are ten important behaviors that will greatly enhance your personal trust factor. [Read more...]

The Difference between Buyers and Sellers: Six Client Management Strategies

The Difference between Buyers and Sellers

Although Realtors sometimes choose to work exclusively with buyers or exclusively with sellers, the expert Realtor certainly knows how to work both sides of the equation. To work with either side effectively, you need to employ some very different client management techniques.

To begin with, there is one huge similarity between buyers and sellers: they are both under a great deal of stress. In either transaction, a large amount of money is at stake. The seller wants the most he can get, and the buyer wants the perfect home at the lowest possible price. Instant anxiety–which translates into the need for you to be both efficient and empathetic. Much head-patting and hand-holding may be involved.

The differences in mindset between buyers and sellers may be a little harder to pinpoint. Let’s look at how you can manage both buyer and seller concerns for positive outcomes.
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