Eight Ways to Train Your Clients for Success

Train Your Clients for Success

Eight Magical Ways to Train Your Clients Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every one of your clients was a joy to work with? But let’s face it—some are, and some aren’t. However, there are ways to improve your odds, reduce your stress level, and have easier, more productive relationships with every client. Here are eight strategies […]

3 Tips for Keeping Agents Happy

Happy Business people leads the way

Office Retention – Keeping Agents Happy Like in any office, happy workers are usually productive workers.  The same goes for your agents.  A happy agent is more likely to be a revenue-producing agent.   Those two combined we would certainly call a win-win. As brokers we wear many hats: managers, trainers and councilors to name […]

Five Reasons Why You Need a Killer Website

Winning the real estate game...

Oh sure, every Realtor needs a website, right? Technically, yes—but only if you’re willing to put time, money, and creativity into making it a great website. And unless you understand the “why” behind website development and content, maybe you’re just wasting your time and your money. So why do you want a website in the […]

What Your Web Site Says About You (And What You Can Do About It)

What Your Web Site Says About You

Think of it as curb appeal for your business. Your web site is the first thing that many prospective clients notice about you. If it’s amateurish, busy, crammed with small type and lousy pictures, clients will keep right on driving. Your web site is more important than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. So if you […]

Watch Your Language! How to Have Powerful Conversations with Clients and Colleagues

How to Have Powerful Conversations with Clients and Colleagues

You’ve probably figured out by now that you can’t make a living selling to your friends. Neither do you have the luxury of choosing your colleagues, your boss, your clients or your colleagues in other firms. So learning how to establish rapport with all sorts of people is crucial. Conversation has power.  I want you […]