Ready, Set, Sell: How to Get Your Home Ready for Market

Ready Set Sell: How To Get Your Home Ready For Market

You’ve made the decision. It’s time to put your home on the market. You’re ready to sign the listing agreement, but that’s only the beginning. Of course you want to maximize your selling price and your profit. And you don’t want to invest a fortune in the process. Here are ten simple, cost-effective steps you can take immediately to show off your home at its very best.  [Read more...]

How To Sell a Home – Ten Steps to a Successful Sale

How to sell a home - Ten Steps to a Successful Sale

You’ve decided to list your home, and you’re already mentally visualizing getting those offers and ultimately closing the deal. In any market, but especially in today’s somewhat sluggish environment, you need to do everything possible to maximize your potential. As a homeowner, you can increase your selling price and decrease your timeline by taking ten simple steps to improve your home’s image in the buyers’ eyes.
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The Wow Factor: Seven Quick Curb Appeal Tips

Seven Quick Curb Appeal Tips

When home buyers decide to start looking, usually they drive neighborhoods first. If a home looks tacky from the front, they won’t even write down the Realtor’s phone number. First impressions count, so boost your selling price with a little “wow factor.” You can count on getting back almost 100% of what you invest in a few simple outside upgrades.

Step into the buyer’s shoes and look around. Are you impressed with what you see? Here are seven specific suggestions for upgrading your home’s curb appeal.

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