The Buffer App: “A Smarter Way to Share”

Buffer App- “A Smarter Way to Share”

What’s a buffer? According to the dictionary:

  • protector against impact: somebody or something that reduces shock or impact or protects against other harm, usually by interception
  • memory area: a temporary storage area for data being transmitted between two devices that function at different speeds.

Well, the second definition comes close. Webster notwithstanding, Buffer is a tool that allows you to share articles, pictures, videos and more across all your social media platforms automatically. Or as Buffer likes to say, “automagically.” And magic it almost is.

In prior blogs we’ve discussed in detail the time challenge Realtors face in keeping up with all the opportunities and challenges of a social media marketing strategy. So whenever a new, more efficient tool pops up in our universe, we want to share it with you. What makes Buffer so great?

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Managing Your Social Media Reputation – Who Are You?

Managing Your Social Media Reputation Who are you

Did you ever go online and Google your own name? You should—you might be amazed at what you’ll find. First of all, you may find nothing at all. This means you have virtually no online presence, and you need to take steps to do something about that. (See our article on using social media to sell homes.) Second, you may find other people with the same, or similar, names. But they are not you. So you need to implement a strategy to polish up your personal brand and give yourself some visibility. Third, you may find some incorrect, negative or unfavorable information. That’s were reputation management comes in. So what is that, exactly, and how should a Realtor do it?

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How to Manage Social Media: Life Made Easier

Life Made Easy How to Manage Social Media

One of the constant cries we hear about using social media is that it takes too much time. Are you going to stop in the middle of a showing, an offer, or an inspection and tweet, for heaven’s sake? No, and you shouldn’t.

But if you’re going to use social media, you need to be consistent. And you need to know what social media is doing for you. How are you going to manage that, on top of everything else you have to do? Get a social media dashboard.

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