Does Social Media Sell?

Does Social Media Sell

Yes and no. Or as my college philosophy professor used to say when confronted with difficult questions, “That depends.” If you mean, “Is somebody going to see my tweet, call me up and make an offer on one of my properties?” the answer is probably “no.” What social media can do, however, is enhance your […]

Does Social Media Help or Hurt Your Business?

Is social media good for business? Mistakes that many people make when it comes to using social media.

Is social media helping or hurting your business? If you read this blog regularly, you already know we’re big fans of social media as a tool that Realtors can use to attract new business and burnish their brand. Having said that, there is a big risk lurking out there—the risk that the success of our […]

The Ten “Don’ts” of Social Media

The Ten “Don’ts” of Social Media

Just because it’s called social media doesn’t mean it’s a tabloid gossip column. The protocols for using social media as a marketing tool mean that, first and foremost, you keep your personal and business communication strictly separate. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and related media need to express your business brand, not your after-hours alter ego. I’m […]