SEO According to Google: What You Need to Know

SEO According to Google: What’s New and Why You Need to Know

As the industry search engine leader, Google continues to refine its search parameters. If you have a web site, of course you want it to pop right up at or near the top of Google’s search results page. We’ve given you lots of advice about web site content in previous articles. But since it’s a brand new year, why not take a brand new look at your web site content so you can maximize your search results? Here’s the news you can use in eight simple steps.
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Using YouTube to Boost Sales

youtube logo real estate selling on youtube

Picture this.

You’re walking through a new listing. Your smart phone video camera is rolling, and you’re narrating a virtual tour. You upload direct from your phone to your YouTube channel, with simultaneous posts to your Facebook page and any other social media platforms you use. A quick tweet or email blast to your potential buyers list and you’ve created instant interest in your property.

YouTube is an important tool for Realtors because it’s a visual medium. More than any other social media platform, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers in a way that provides them with instant insight into what you have to offer. Here’s the 411 on using YouTube for maximum effectiveness.

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How Google+ Adds to Your Online Presence

Google Plus Logo and Google Logo for WinningAgent

Probably everyone you know, including your four-year-old, knows how to Google. What your four-year-old (or your forty-year-old) may not know is how to use Google+ and Google Circles to enhance and manage your social media marketing strategy.

We like Google+ because it makes grouping and managing your contacts so easy. Here’s how to create and use your Google+ account.

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