Google Has Introduced Mobile-Friendly Tags – Is Your Website Going To Pass The Test?

Did you know that you need to pass the Google Mobile-Friendly test?

If you have used Google Search on your mobile phone and ended up going to a page that was clearly not designed for mobile devises, google feels your pain. Google has started to add the “mobile-friendly” label to their mobile search results. And I have to say, it is about time. Here is an example […]

Using YouTube to Boost Sales

youtube logo real estate selling on youtube

Picture this. You’re walking through a new listing. Your smart phone video camera is rolling, and you’re narrating a virtual tour. You upload direct from your phone to your YouTube channel, with simultaneous posts to your Facebook page and any other social media platforms you use. A quick tweet or email blast to your potential […]

How Google+ Adds to Your Online Presence

Google Plus Logo and Google Logo for WinningAgent

Probably everyone you know, including your four-year-old, knows how to Google. What your four-year-old (or your forty-year-old) may not know is how to use Google+ and Google Circles to enhance and manage your social media marketing strategy. We like Google+ because it makes grouping and managing your contacts so easy. Here’s how to create and […]