Celebrate in Safety: National Open House Weekend Tips

Celebrate in Safety: National Open House Weekend Tips

The spring buying (and selling) season is upon us. On April 20 and 21, Realtors across the country will host thousands of open houses in hundreds of different neighborhoods. The main goal of the weekend is to invite buyers to visit some of the many open homes where they can learn more about home ownership and what’s available to them.

Here are a few interesting statistics that illustrate why this event could be an important marketing opportunity for you (from the National Association of Realtors): [Read more...]

Realtor Safety: 12 Tips for Staying Safe on the Job

Realtor Safety Staying safe on the job

The story was on this morning’s news: a Realtor in Maryland was sexually assaulted in the basement of a house she was showing. This scenario is replayed all too frequently across the country. There are no solid statistics on Realtor Safety, but anecdotal evidence reveals that Realtors are assaulted, robbed, shot at, and even killed in the line of duty. Every Realtor should be safety conscious and while the Internet is full of useful tips on personal safety and self-defense, let’s look at some specific safety tips that apply directly to Realtors.

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