AgentPress Listings Search Results changed after WordPress 4.0 Update


So, you’re rocking along on your Winning Agent Pro or other Genesis child-themed web site, proud of yourself that you’ve kept everything up to date. Recently though, you have noticed something different — now when you use your AgentPress Listings search the output has a large shaded box at the top with the bolded letters […]

Winning the Search Results Battle

Hand Drawing Content Flow Chart

With and merging, and being acquired by News Corp, you might be thinking… how will anyone find me in this gigantic sea of web search results? Well one way is to pay for ad space on those portals. You may also be sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. That’s […]

How to Make Your Website Icon Look Like an App


Access Your Site from an iPhone with an App-Like Icon So you’ve gotten your website online using WordPress, and hopefully using a cutting-edge theme such as Winning Agent Pro. Your site looks beautiful on your computer screen and, since your theme is mobile responsive, it also looks quite snazzy on your iPhone and iPad. Now, […]

Six Things Every Good Website Must Have

Things Every Good Website Must Have

We’ve talked in previous articles about the importance of web sites to the Realtor’s overall marketing strategy. But if you spend any time at all on the Internet, you know that there are web sites—and then there are web sites. Conventional wisdom says you have about five seconds to capture someone’s interest when they land […]