The Market Has Changed: Is Work Controlling Your Life?

The Market Has Changed: Is Work Controlling Your Life?

Regardless of the market situation, the temptation to work around the clock is strong. You don’t want to miss the next big client, the new deal, the potential hot listing. So you volunteer for weekend duty, take paperwork home, and even when you’re trying to sleep, your mind is working overtime. Your bank account may be healthy, but you’re not. And eventually, either your mind, your body, or your family (or all three) will do something to even the score. Ask yourself; is work controlling your life? Here are five ways you can bring some balance and sanity back into your life. [Read more...]

Does Social Media Help or Hurt Your Business?

Is social media good for business? Mistakes that many people make when it comes to using social media.

Is social media helping or hurting your business? If you read this blog regularly, you already know we’re big fans of social media as a tool that Realtors can use to attract new business and burnish their brand. Having said that, there is a big risk lurking out there—the risk that the success of our social media strategy may come at the expense of our personal relationships (and our financial success).

Consider this: I have a client to whom I have not spoken on the phone for more than two weeks. However, I have 47 emails from her in my inbox. What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe nothing. Maybe, on the other hand, something quite profound.

Social media is a tool, not an end in itself. It’s a point of contact, like handing someone your business card or shaking hands at a cocktail party. But it’s what you do after that that counts. Yes, your Facebook page and your Twitter theme should convey your personal brand. But a Facebook “friend” or a Twitter follower does not a relationship make. So it’s time for an assessment. What is the current state of your client relationships?
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