Secrets of Success – How to Be a Good Property Manager

Secrets of Success - How to Be a Good Property Manager

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s almost impossible to have too many skills in your personal portfolio. One trend we’re seeing is that people who can’t sell their homes are turning them into rentals. And investors are taking advantage of declining prices and low interest rates to snatch up potential rental properties.

So good property managers will be in demand in the days ahead. Perhaps property management is already a part of your company’s services. Or perhaps you have visions of starting your own property management company. In either scenario, you need some key skills that will set you apart from the competition.

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Top Tools for Realtors: Six Ways to Increase your Sales

Whether it’s an up market or a down market, the basics are still the same. To be a successful Realtor, you need a few simple tools. While these are all pieces of the overall theme known as good old-fashioned customer service, here are six specific sales tools that belong in your top drawer.

Increase Your Sales

I used them during my sales career. It enabled me to be the top sales person in my office. It also made earning a healthy living possible.

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