What You and Your Clients Should Know About the Market in 2014

According to a recent analysis by Money Magazine, the coming year can be a good one for both buyers and sellers (“Make More in 2014,” December, 2013). What should you be doing to prepare yourself and your clients and to assure that 2014 is, indeed, a very good year for everyone? Here are the trends […]

Ready, Set, Sell: How to Get Your Home Ready for Market

You’ve made the decision. It’s time to put your home on the market. You’re ready to sign the listing agreement, but that’s only the beginning. Of course you want to maximize your selling price and your profit. And you don’t want to invest a fortune in the process. Here are ten simple, cost-effective steps you can take immediately to show off your home at its very best.

Who’s Buying? Who’s Selling? What Are You Doing About the Changing Market?

Yes, it’s true—the market is bouncing back. Well, maybe not bouncing, but at least creeping steadily. First half of 2013 results show median price increases of more than 30% over 2012 in places like Akron OH; San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento CA; Atlanta, GA; and Phoenix, AZ. Slightly lower but still promising increases showed up […]