Winning the Search Results Battle

Hand Drawing Content Flow Chart

With and merging, and being acquired by News Corp, you might be thinking… how will anyone find me in this gigantic sea of web search results? Well one way is to pay for ad space on those portals. You may also be sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. That’s […]

Let’s Get Personal: Know What Your Clients Really Want From You

Let’s Get Personal: Knowing What Clients Really Want From You

In this environment where Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media seem to have taken center stage, it’s too easy to forget the personal touch. Clients aren’t going to ask for it, and you’ve probably been too busy to focus on it. So perhaps now is the time. Let’s consider six of the key touch […]

Eight Ways to Train Your Clients for Success

Train Your Clients for Success

Eight Magical Ways to Train Your Clients Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every one of your clients was a joy to work with? But let’s face it—some are, and some aren’t. However, there are ways to improve your odds, reduce your stress level, and have easier, more productive relationships with every client. Here are eight strategies […]

7 Ways To Create Instant Interest with Instagram

Creating Instant Interest with Instagram

Ready for an overused joke? Someone posted this news note on Facebook recently about the potential merger of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The new entity will be called YouTwitFace. Something tells me that not everyone, Realtors included, is taking social media marketing seriously. But maybe you should. The introduction of Facebook’s Instagram app (in case […]

Does Social Media Sell?

Does Social Media Sell

Yes and no. Or as my college philosophy professor used to say when confronted with difficult questions, “That depends.” If you mean, “Is somebody going to see my tweet, call me up and make an offer on one of my properties?” the answer is probably “no.” What social media can do, however, is enhance your […]