Using YouTube to Boost Sales

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Picture this.

You’re walking through a new listing. Your smart phone video camera is rolling, and you’re narrating a virtual tour. You upload direct from your phone to your YouTube channel, with simultaneous posts to your Facebook page and any other social media platforms you use. A quick tweet or email blast to your potential buyers list and you’ve created instant interest in your property.

YouTube is an important tool for Realtors because it’s a visual medium. More than any other social media platform, it provides you with an opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers in a way that provides them with instant insight into what you have to offer. Here’s the 411 on using YouTube for maximum effectiveness.

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The Realtor’s Tool Kit: Using Social Media for Fun and Profit

According to recent statistics, 84 percent of realtors are using some form of social media. More than 80 percent say they are comfortable or somewhat comfortable with it. Over the next few weeks, we plan to provide you with a series of articles on social media and how it can enhance your business and increase your sales. We’ll start with a brief overview:

The Realtor’s Tool Kit• Why social media?
• Which social media?
• Taking baby steps

Why social media?
Are you already one of the 84 percent? If so, why? Did you jump on the bandwagon because everyone else was doing it? Did you get excited and then get overwhelmed? Relax; you are not alone.

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